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My husband decided since I travel 90 kms a day from Reporoa to Taupo and back to get me an electric car. It was an easy transaction. Steve had me in the car within the week. I love the car a lot. For my needs it is a good decision. No more fuel bill or servicing costs.  and you don’t even notice the little extra on your power bill. So from 100 dollars a week in fuel down to $12 a week for the distance I travel 100 percent electric works for me.




We approached EVCentral about buying a Zoe in September 2017. Over the next couple of months Richard patiently helped us through the technicalities, as we moved on from “what colours do you have?” to “where are fast AC chargers between Wellington & Taupo?”. We got straight answers all the way, and made a purchase in November.

Even though the answer to the second question was “None, at this point”, which curbed our enthusiasm for a week or two, Richard loaned us a variety of cables so we could drive our Zoe to Wellington from Taupo with minimal risk of the ignominy of running out of battery.

We are very happy with our decision, and note that things are looking up on the fast AC charger front (go the Warehouse!).

We have been recommending Zoes (and EVCentral) to all and sundry since November, and finding a lot of interest (and possibly a convert already).

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