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The Nissan LEAF is New Zealand and the world’s favourite fully electric vehicle. This car has changed the way the world looks at electric vehicles (EV’s). When the LEAF was first released in 2010 it was designed as the first highway capable fully electric vehicle. The name LEAF is an acronym for Leading  Environmentally-friendly Affordable Family car.

The LEAF currently has 2 battery options – the 24kWh available in both GEN 1 & 2 and the longer range 30kWh offered only in the second generation giving it a 27% increase from the standard GEN2.

We buy the full range of Nissan LEAF models giving our customers a great selection, from the entry level Generation 1 to the top of the line 30kWh Tekna edition.

The Renault ZOE in 2015 was Europe’s best selling EV and offers a great alternative to the LEAF if you are looking for something a little smaller or with better AC charging abilities. With its unique 43kW Chameleon on board charger (top spec only) this car can be charged at home from 0% to full in under one hour if paired with the correct home charger.

The BMW i3 is unique in so many ways from its carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer upper body, designed to give the i3 a super low centre for superior handling to its stylish and futuristic looks.

BMW offer a Range Extended Model (Rex) giving its driver the ability to push its 100% electric range capabilities to the limit without the need for dreaded “Range Anxiety” as the Rex model has a built in 647cc petrol engine designed only to charge the batteries, not drive the wheels.  Giving the i3 Rex a combined range of around 300kms per charge.

With its 125kw engine the i3 is seriously fast off the line with a 0-100 KPH time of under 8 seconds and a 0-50 KPH time faster than a M5 BMW. This Tesla rivalling Electric car is a real contender in the EV world.

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